Kim and Leon


Hi Glennys,

Marie here (I’m Kim’s Mum…..) You married her and Leon at the Orchard Garden in Clyde on Waitangi Day this year.
Just wanted to say you were utterly fantastic – put people at ease, friendly and made a great effort to mingle with people, and gave Kim and Leon the superb ceremony they both wanted. I looked around and saw many grown men wiping their eyes as I thought it was a wonderful, caring, emotional ceremony (wiped my own eyes a few times). I’ve never been to a wedding (and yes, I guess we are biased) where so many people told me afterward it was the best wedding they’d ever been to – commented on how beautiful the bride was (she was), how great you were, and how personal the ceremony was.
So take a huge bow – you did an amazing job.
Again, huge thanks for making their/our day such an incredibly special one.
Warmest wishes,